Tobias is a founding partner of LARK. Before joining LARK, he was a founding partner of the law firm GLNS.

Tobias has been advising listed companies and financial investors in particular on stock corporation and capital markets law for over 20 years.

Clients seek advice from Tobias on public takeovers, structural measures and other special situations. He is the first point of contact for management and supervisory boards.

M&A (Public & Private)

Public Companies

Corporate Advisory

Private Equity

Public M&A (Public Takeovers)

  • MorphoSys AG in connection with the voluntary public takeover offer by Novartis
  • EQS Group AG on the public takeover offer of Thoma Bravo and on the subsequent delisting
  • zooplus AG in the voluntary public takeover offer by EQT and Hellman & Friedman and in the subsequent delisting
  • InTiCa Systems AG in the voluntary public takeover offer by the Optima Group
  • MAN SE on the public takeover by Volkswagen AG
  • NYSE Euronext in the planned merger with Deutsche Börse
  • Amerigon, Inc. on the public takeover of W.E.T. Automotive Systems AG and the conclusion of a domination and profit and loss transfer agreement and subsequent resolution deficiency disputes
  • Apax on the public takeover of D+S europe AG, taking private, resolution deficiency disputes and appraisal proceedings
  • Allianz SE on the takeover of Assurance Générales de France (AGF)

Stock Corporation and Capital Market law

  • zooplus AG on the change of legal form to an SE
  • zooplus AG on capital increases
  • Compugroup Medical SE on the change of legal form to an SE & Co. KGaA
  • Marley Spoon on its IPO
  • Delivery Hero on its IPO
  • Advising Zouk Capital in connection with the IPO of va-Q-tec AG
  • Nordwind Capital on the IPO of SHW AG
  • RHI AG on the squeeze-out of the minority shareholders of the listed Didier-Werke AG

Private M&A

  • AUDI in joint venture with BIMM
  • AUDI in IT joint venture with Lufthansa Industry Solutions
  • AUDI in joint venture with Capgemini SE
  • AUDI on its entry into Formula E
  • AUDI on the participation of Allianz SE in FC Bayern Munich
  • Mynaric AG on the establishment of the joint venture UNIO Enterprise GmbH
  • Minority shareholder on the re-investment in Ingo Maurer GmbH acquired from Foscarini
  • Delivery Hero SE on the entry of Naspers as a new investor, on the entry of Rocket Internet, in connection with the acquisition of Foodpanda, on the acquisition of the German market leader
  • Audi Business Innovation GmbH on the investment of the Baloise Group and Startup Family Office in MOBIKO

Private Equity

  • Egeria on the acquisition of the Klafs Group and its financing
  • FSN Capital on the acquisition of MHP Solution Group
  • Castik Capital and AddSecure on the acquisition of Navkonzept GmbH
  • EMERAM Capital Partners on the acquisition of Frostkrone, the acquisition of Matrix 24 and the acquisition of Drahtzug Stein
  • PARAGON PARTNERS on the acquisition of WEKA Group, the acquisition of BOTA Group and the investment in chicco di caffè
  • ARCUS Capital AG on the acquisition of Germany’s leading auction channel
  • Maxburg Capital Partners on the acquisition of the ASUP Group, the acquisition of a stake in Constantia Flexibles and the acquisition of a stake in the listed zooplus AG

"One of the most renowned lawyers for capital markets law in Germany"

Wirtschaftswoche 2024

"Outstanding quality"

JUVE 2023/2024

"Highly competent and experienced"; "outstanding corporate lawyer"

JUVE 2022/2023

"Absolutely focused and assertive"; "outstanding"

JUVE 2021/2022

Public auction can solve bidding war, Börsen-Zeitung, March 26, 2022 (together with Krohn)

Public auction as a mechanism for resolving bidding disputes in public takeovers, Die AG 19/2022 (together with Krohn)

Co-author of the handbook "Wertpapier-Compliance in der Praxis", with an article on securities-related compliance obligations in public and private M&A transactions (ed.: Renz/Hense/Marbeiter), 2019

Manager Liability in Germany, Verlag C.H. Beck, 2012 (together with Gubitz and Schult), co-editor and author

Creditor protection between law and contract, EUL Verlag 2006

Practical problems with the design, contractual implementation and subsequent review of the maximum remuneration for board members, Die AG 20/2021 (together with Crombach)

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Passions are also lived outside of work. Music, literature, wine and sport are not a balance, but a necessity. Training as a wine academic, piano lessons, concert visits and regular sport are all possible alongside a challenging job at LARK.